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There is Christian music that entertains you...and there is anointed praise and worship that ushers you into the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is formal and flawless musical performance...and there is true worship that penetrates the heart, creating an atmosphere of passion for God and His touch of healing and restoration. Praise and worship is not singing about God; it is singing to God. He inhabits the praises of His people. Anointed praise and worship that emanates from the heart glorifies God and prepares the worshipper to come into His presence. Churches across America are experiencing a spiritual drought, and Larry and Gina Bean have been commissioned to carry fresh rain into dry places. They long to light a fire and ignite a passion in every believer to praise and worship God transparently and with their whole heart. Both yearn to create an atmosphere through praise and worship that welcomes the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Larry and Gina have stepped out in faith to fulfill the call of God to minister outside the walls of their home church. The direction of the Lord and desire of their hearts is to evangelize through music, exhortation, and the Word of God, and to carry their ministry and training to other churches. As music evangelists, Larry and Gina have a heart to gather lost souls for the harvest. Both consider it a blessing to pray with and minister to those at the altars, and their desire is to see lives changed through fervent prayer, the steadfast Word of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit. They long to see God perform healings and other miracles in the lives of those present. In 2008, Larry and Gina stepped out in faith to fulfill the call of God on their lives to:

  • build up local churches through teaching and instruction, and through praise and worship ministry;
  • work with a church's existing music department to conduct workshops and share the meaning of true worship;
  • teach believers how to be worshippers, and teach music department leaders how to guide the congregation into true worship;
  • mentor and pour into younger ministers of music, teaching them that leaders must set the example in the worship experience, beginning in their personal lives;
  • work with the band and orchestra to give them resources and training;
  • minister personally through song, the Word of God, and exhortation;
  • help churches answer questions such as: How do we get to the next level in our music ministry? How do we put together a band? How do we sing three-part harmony?
  • participate in women's conferences with Gina singing and speaking.
If you are a pastor or ministry leader, and you desire that your congregation learn what it means to offer a pure sacrifice of praise to the Lord and flow in the direction of the Holy Spirit, you will be blessed to have Larry and Gina Bean minister at your church, conference or special event.